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Anonymous inquired:

Just focus on the positive people :) there are good readers and bad, don't forget about the good ones because of the bad ones! You hold the power here, so you update whenever the hell you want! Update blessing, end blessing, it's all up to you! You do whatever you feel like and us good readers will be here supporting you!❀️😊 you're a boss ass bitch😏

Thank you!!!! β™₯ I appreciate it a lot xx :)

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Anonymous inquired:

Don't listen to that crazy bitch they're just pathetic and have nothing else to do with their life :) .xx

I’m just not letting it bother me, im just going to stay off here pretty soon because of how rude some people sre getting just because I have been busy with more important things than updating. Xx :)

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Anonymous inquired:

i dont want it to sound rude . buflt it seems that u dont care about your readers . if we send u a msg asking when's the next apdate that cuz we love the story . hope u get it . love ya

Hi, well I am sick of the same messages and repeating myself and then getting rude messages, after a while it gets super annoying and puts me off wanting to even come on here. I have things to do anf thingd to work out that is more important than this blog. I love you all but some are really rude to me and then tell me off for being rude when I get sick of it all. :) xx

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Anonymous inquired:

Hey love update? If not no rush

Not tonight I have other things to worry about tonight sorry lovely xx

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Anonymous inquired:

When the fuck are you updating? πŸ˜’

When I fucking want to.

29 Jul 14 @ 8:55 pm  —  reblog

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Anonymous inquired:

Hope you're okay!!! xxxxxx :) (:

I’m fine thank you xx

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Anonymous inquired:

Take your time love no rush live your life write when ya feel like it

Thank you xx

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Anonymous inquired:

I'm sorry some people are so rude to you. They honestly don't know how hard it is to do what you are doing. You have a life and this does not revolve around your life. I'm really sorry some people are like that. You are an amazing writer and I love your stories :)

It is okau it isn’t your fault :) sometimes some people don’t just understand :) it’s okay though, I try not to let it bother me too much. Xx

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Anonymous inquired:

Didn't mean to be rude but you do realize that you have signed up to be a writer and make people happy with your writing and your not fulfilling your commitment

Uhmm….. you do realise I haven’t signed up for anything. I don’t recall signing a contract that says I have to live up to people’s standards. I don’t get paid for any of this, I do it volunteerily. I do NOT have to write anything, and I do not have to keep up with anything. I have this blog not to keep everyone else happy and fulfil their wants and needs, but for myself. So excuse me if I sound rude but again I don’t have to fulfil any requirements :) xx

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Anonymous inquired:

I'm just going to add that writing will maybe take your mind off whatever has been going in with you? Just a thought(:

Nothing has really been going on with me :) I’ve just been busy and stuff that’s all xx

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Anonymous inquired: haven't written in forever and you broke your promise on writing on the weekend. Nice going πŸ‘Œ

Wow I actually have a life, sorry! But hey thank you for your kind words and understanding, I 100% appreciate it. I never promised to 100% update I said I’d try, but clearly that isn’t enough. Xx

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Anonymous inquired:

Awee there's a storm by u? My plane is delayed because of a storm

There was a storm last night yes, hope you’re alright xx

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Anonymous inquired:

I 'v send u askes and u havnt post'em . Y ?

It depends what they arw. If they are when I am updating I have been through it 100 times. If it isn’t about updating I likely didn’t get them lovely xx

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Anonymous inquired:

Do you still update sna? :)

That’s been finished xx

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